C     H     A     M     B     E     R               E     N     S     E     M     B     L     E


Lurking Beyond Thought (2016)

for soprano voice, flute, violin, bass clarinet, and percussion (7′)

Defeat Device (2016)

for piano, electric bass, percussion


Tachygenesis (2016)

for saxophone quartet


Piano Stretch (2016)

for piano


Wake (2014)

for flute and guitar


Sinking Song (2014)

for three female voices


Hail (2011)

for trumpet and percussion


Sol de invierno (2013)

soprano, trumpet, and cello


Trio No. 1 (2013)

flute, cello, and piano


Kept Unharmed (2012)

for flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, electric guitar, and bass


Kate (2013)

for singing cellist


This music with all of you (2011)

4 movements for piano four-hands




L     A     R     G     E               E     N     S     E     M     B     L     E


Kernel (2015)

for wind ensemble


Sinfonietta (2013)

for chamber orchestra


Passionate Armistice (2011)

for full orchestra


Three Bands (2010)

for two solo horns and large ensemble


M O R E   P R O J E C T S


A Very Short Trumpet Piece [music video] by Morton Feldman (2013)


December 1952 by Earle Brown (2012)

for flute and trumpet


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