Prelude and Changüí en F

Prelude and Changüí en F

from This music with all of you (2011)

Adam Marks and Jacob Walls, piano
July 7, 2013
Beall Hall, University of Oregon Composers Symposium

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This music with all of you is comprised of two pensive movements and two dance movements, but I’ve almost had it both ways: the pensive movements are rhythmically animated and the dance movements (as vibrant and celebratory as they are!) retain a tinge of melancholy. The synthesis of loss and joy is a common enough thread in music, but what brought forth the specific dramatic content of this piece was that in the year it was written I was mourning the loss of a close friend and teacher and also spending a good deal of time studying Cuban music. (Hence the fourth movement’s tip of the hat to the changüí genre.) I hope this piece conveys the enthusiasm and infectiousness of a live well lived, whether we are remembering a life now pertaining to the past or a dancing a life still pertaining to the present.

Click here for more on the entire suite.

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