Tachygenesis (2016) for saxophone quartet (9′)

Live performance 03/18/16 by PRISM Quartet

Tachygenesis has to do with matters that develop quickly, perhaps too quickly. In developmental biology, it has to do with the acquisition of a new trait occurring earlier and earlier in each subsequent generation of an evolving organism—and although there is something of that going on in this piece, more to the point is that the piece is dealing with the impulse to say everything that needs to be said, without saying it all too quickly.

Immense thanks are owed to PRISM for this impressive live performance (and for the entire ambitious residency at the University of Pennsylvania this year)!


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L     A     R     G     E               E     N     S     E     M     B     L     E

Sinfonietta (2013)

Passionate Armistice (2011)

for full orchestra (8′)

Three Bands (2010)

for two solo horns and large ensemble (6′)

C     H     A     M     B     E     R               E     N     S     E     M     B     L     E

You do yourself what you want to hear

for small unaccompanied choir (SATB) (2013)

Sol de invierno (4′)

soprano, trumpet, and cello (2013)

Trio No. 1 (4′)

flute, cello, and piano (2012/3)

Kept Unharmed (2012)

for flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, electric guitar, and bass (4′)

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Kate (2012)

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First Hail (2011)

for trumpet and percussion (6′)

This music with all of you (2011)

4 movements for four-hands (8′)

(Listen to “Prelude” and “Changüí en F” below.)

Treehouses (2011)

for violin and viola (c. 5′)

Theoretical Party (2009/11)

for string quartet (2′)

Poker’s Despondent Rapture (2011)

for baritone voice, viola, and trumpet (2′)

Postlude (2011)

for flute, clarinet, violin, horn, trumpet, vibraphone, and guitar (1′)

A Noiseless Patient Spider (2010)

for soprano, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano (3′)

The Scope of Another (2009)

for oboe, horn, cello, and bass (5′)

Prototorp (2009)

for brass quintet (2′)

Overimage (2009)

for string quartet (4′)

A   R   R   A   N   G   E   M   E   N   T   S     &    R   E   A   L   I   Z   A   T   I   O   N   S

“Los Angeles II” from Places (Brad Mehldau) (2011)

for viola, bari sax, horn, trumpet, and drums

“Leo” from Tierkreis (Karlheinz Stockhausen) (2010)

for glockenspiel, cello, trumpet, and drums

Prelude to “Hoquetus David” (Guillame de Machaut) (2010)

for brass quintet

Cloches d’angoisse et larmes d’adieu (Olivier Messiaen) (2011)

for flute, clarinet, violin, horn, trumpet, vibraphone, and guitar