Piano Stretch

Piano Stretch (2016) for piano (7′)

Live performance 03/30/16 by Karl Larson, piano

Piano Stretch takes the sharply different soundworlds of inside-the-piano harmonics and spacious, resonant chords on the keyboard and considers them together. Some harmonics sound just as discrete as the notes played on the keys; some chords on the keys sound just as microtonal as the complex harmonics found inside the piano. The pianist must stretch to reach everything, and in some sense the piano itself must stretch as well.


Wake (2014) for flute and guitar (3′)

Live performance 07/04/14 by Duo Damiana (Molly Barth, flute; Dieter Hennings, guitar)




I wrote this short piece for Duo Damiana for their appearance at the 2014 Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium, where I was also on the administrative team. Not only did they kindly mentor over 90 composers and performers, but they also gave a radiant performance of flute and guitar repertoire. I was one of the symposium participants included on the program.