Tachygenesis (2016) for saxophone quartet (9′)

Live performance 03/18/16 by PRISM Quartet

Tachygenesis has to do with matters that develop quickly, perhaps too quickly. In developmental biology, it has to do with the acquisition of a new trait occurring earlier and earlier in each subsequent generation of an evolving organism—and although there is something of that going on in this piece, more to the point is that the piece is dealing with the impulse to say everything that needs to be said, without saying it all too quickly.

Immense thanks are owed to PRISM for this impressive live performance (and for the entire ambitious residency at the University of Pennsylvania this year)!

Piano Stretch

Piano Stretch (2016) for piano (7′)

Live performance 03/30/16 by Karl Larson, piano

Piano Stretch takes the sharply different soundworlds of inside-the-piano harmonics and spacious, resonant chords on the keyboard and considers them together. Some harmonics sound just as discrete as the notes played on the keys; some chords on the keys sound just as microtonal as the complex harmonics found inside the piano. The pianist must stretch to reach everything, and in some sense the piano itself must stretch as well.